Under 11 Race Start


1  Entry


1.1    Do we need to enter for the season or can I just run as a casual member?

You can do either but entering for the season is strongly recommended.    Casual runners in the U6 - U16 age groups must still be members of LAVic for the 2017/2018 season.     Regular runners will find it more cost effective to sign up for the season, plus you need to be a season member to receive a seed time for seeded event and to qualify for awards.


1.2    How much do we pay?

Fees for 2018 are $40 for the season or $5 per race if casual.

If you would like to enter as a season member but did not paticipate in Little Athletics during the summer season, then you will first need to register with Little Athletics Victoria.  This will incur an additional fee of $55 for insurance purposes.


1.3    How do we become a season member for Bayside CC?

Entry details are HERE


1.4    How do we register for LAVic if we’ve not been a summer member?

Registration details are HERE 


1.5    Do parents (or other adults) need to register with LAVic?

No, however they will not be covered by LAVic insurance and therefore run at their own risk.


1.6    If someone wants to try it out do they need to register with LAVic?

New winter athletes must be registered with LAVic and are entitled to 1 free XC trial event prior to paying $55 LAVic registration fee.   Summer athletes can pay a casual fee of $5 each time they run or enter the Bayside season for $40. As a casual runner your results will not be available online. Points will not accrue for award eligibility until the time of full registration. After someone has paid for the season there will be no refund of prior casual fees.


1.7    What is the difference between a season member and casual runner?

Season members are eligible for awards and their results are published online.  Casual runners only receive their result on a printed ticket at the end of the race.  The result is not carried forward or published on the website.  They are also not eligible for any awards.  


2   Centres


2.1    Which centres make up Bayside Cross Country?

Brighton, Caulfield, Mentone, Moorabbin, Oakleigh, Sandringham, South Melbourne and Springvale.  Athletes from other centres are welcome to compete as casual runners at any of the 12 Bayside events.


2.2    How should I liaise with the centre?

Each centre has a co-ordinator.  Contact details can be found HERE


3   What to Wear


3.1    What uniform should I wear?

Registered athletes are required to run in their centre uniform including Subway chest patch at Bayside Cross Country organised events.


3.2    I am new to Little Athletics and have just joined a Centre - how do I get a uniform?

Please contact your centre co-ordinator for this information.


3.3    What shoes should I wear?

Shoes that have a good grip and can be worn on multiple surfaces are recommended. Spikes are not permitted.


3.4    What else should I bring?

Given the conditions can be cool and wet, we recommended you bring spare shoes, spare socks and a towel. A tracksuit or similar is often required for warm up, cool down and while waiting for races. Some of the race days, especially early in the season, can also be quite warm so a water bottle and even sunscreen may be wise.


4   Regular competition


4.1    Where do the races take place?

At various Bayside venues:  Bald Hill Park (Clarinda), Hampton Foreshore, Braeside Park and Westgate Park


4.2    What time are the events?

Usual start time is 9.00am for the first race with a course walk at 8.40am.


4.3    What distances are the races?

There are different distances for each age group:  

 1000m (U6 to U8)

 1500m (U9 to U10)

  2000m (U11 to U12)

  3000m (U13 to U16 and Open)

Please note that there distances are approximate , with some variation across venues due to differences in terrain and topography.


4.4   How are the races structured?

Boys and girls usually run together.  The standard order of races at all Bayside events (apart from the Handicap and the Bayside Championship events), is as follows:


  •   U6 to U8 - 1000m (one lap of BLUE course)

  •   U11 to U12 - 2000m (two laps of BLUE course)

  •   U9 to U10 - 1500m (one lap of RED course)

  •   U13 to U15 and Open - 3000m (two laps of RED course)


Note that age groups doing the same course (e.g. U9 and U10) may run together or separately depending on athlete numbers on the day, but the online results show each age group separately.


4.5    What time will the races be finished?

The program takes about 60-90 minutes, so usually before 10.30am


4.6    How long is the season?

Usually from late April to early August, see the calendar.


4.7    Where can I find out my results?

All results for registered athletes are posted on Results HQ.  You will receive a password for Results HQ once you have registered.  


5    Championship competition


5.1    What Championships can the athletes compete in?

The LAVic Cross Country Relays,  State Road Relay Championships, the Regional Cross Country Championships and State Cross Country Championships.   These events do not have races for U6-U8 or Open athletes.


5.2    Do I need to qualify for Championships? 

The Cross Country Relays and State Road Relay Championships are team events, so to run you will need to be part of a team of three from your Centre.  The Regional Cross Country Championship event is open to all U9 to U15 registered athletes, and serves as a qaulifier for the State Cross Country Championships.


6    How can I assist in the running of Bayside CC?


6.1    What roles are there on the committee?

You can either be a co-ordinator for your centre or hold a committee post such as Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, etc.


6.2    How can I assist on race day?

We need an array of helpers such as course marshals, timekeepers, starters, hares, tortoises and course set-up and pack-up.


7    Awards


7.1    Is there a presentation day/evening?

Yes, usually two weeks after the final race of the season


7.2    Which athletes are eligible?

All athletes that are season members and competed in at least 50% of Bayside Cross Country events (i.e. 6 events or more).


7.3    What awards are there?

  • Top three athletes in each Age/Gender category

  • Participation trophies

  • Guts & Determination Award (floating tropy)

  • Overall Champion Boy and Girl (floating trophy)


8    Open Days


8.1    What are Open Days?

Some Cross Country venues put on Open Days, any athlete may go along and participate. Fees for this are decided by the venue and are payable separately to season fees.


8.2    Does participation in Open Days count towards end of season awards?

Usually not.  If a particular Open Day counts towards the end of season awards it will be advertised on our calendar as a ‘Points Day’