Under 11 Race Start

Season Awards


All athletes that are season members and competed in at least 50% of Bayside Cross Country events (i.e. 6 events or more) are eligible for season awards



Top Three Athletes in each Age/Gender Trophy


On each Bayide XC compeition day, the winner in each age/gender event receives 5 points, 2nd place receives 4 points, 3rd place receives 3 points, 4th place receives 2 points and all finishers receive 1 point.    Out of age group runners receive 1 point only, regardless of where they finish in the race they elect to run.


A point is also awarded for athletes competing in  Lavic Regional XC and State XC events (not relay events).



Participation Trophies


Awarded to all athletes that compete 6 or more events.



Guts & Determination Award (Floating Trophy)


Awarded to a boy and girl athlete who finished outside the top 3 in their age group and who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and effort at Bayside XC events, typically over several seasons.



Overall Champion Boy and Girl (Floating Trophy)


Awarded to the Boy and Girl athlete with the highest overall points score.